well have pet health The health benefits of having pets

well have pet health The health benefits of having pets

well have pet health The benefits that pets report to our health are more than demonstrated and therefore are often used in medical therapies to improve certain psychological pathologies

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It has been shown that some pets and pets can have positive effects on our health, helping us recover sooner from some diseases, especially of a psychic nature.

Dr. Allen R MacConnell of the University of Miami, who has done research on families and pets, says that “pet owners who have a quality relationship with their animals feel healthier.”

That is why we will talk about pets and their impact on our well have pet health.

well have pet health The health benefits of having pets
well have to pet health The health benefits of having pets

Living with certain domesticated animals is a very rewarding, interesting and healthy experience.


As we well know, the dog is considered man’s best friend. He receives this name for his loyalty and for the great affection he usually shows to his owners.

Already in Mesopotamia, 2 thousand years BC the Goddess Gula, patron of doctors and deity of healing, was always represented with her dog.

It also happened among the Greeks. Asklepios, god of medicine – known in Rome as Aesculapius – was also represented with his dog.

L os dogs are able to detect when a person is sad or have depression, helping him feel better.

Dogs mainly elevate their spirits, although they also cause their owners to do other types of activities that have benefits to their health, such as walking or playing with them.

But even, beyond that, dogs are able to detect diseases of people.

Since the Lancet Study of 1989, when a dog detected a melanoma in its owner, many other studies have proven the effectiveness of dogs in smelling diseases.

Organizations such as Medical Detection Dogs train pets to detect diseases such as diabetes, cancer, malaria, and nervous diseases.

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Popular belief ensures that cats are interested and unfriendly animals. However, this is a lie.

Although cats are not gregarious or territorial animals, which makes them different from dogs, the truth is that they can also help us lift our spirits.

The health benefits of having pets
The health benefits of having pets

well have pet health What cats can teach us about sleeping

As they say, the cat has the ability to communicate with its owner through his meowing, thanks to this type of noise as such only do so for that purpose.

In addition, some say that kissing a cat lifts our spirits. As if that were not enough, the purring of these animals has beneficial effects on humans.

A study conducted over 20 years by the University of Minnesota, led researchers to ensure that people who have cats are less likely to suffer heart attacks.

The American Acoustical Society has measured the cat’s purr in frequencies of 25 to 50 HZ, which they consider have therapeutic effects on strengthening bones and muscles.

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Horses could also have positive effects on our health.

Currently, horses are used in therapies for children who have motor or brain problems.

It has been proven that these animals help people feel calm and relaxed, raising their mood.


Dolphins are special animals. They are one of the few aquatic animals that can live with humans.

In fact, everything seems to indicate that dolphins are beings that have a harmonious relationship with us.

In this case, dolphins are also used in therapies for people with motor or brain people. These animals help them have a better mood, making them feel good.

The Dolphin Energy Healing organization says that swimming with fish helps improve physical, emotional and mental illness.


Having a fishbowl or fountain is a great help to improve our mood.

It is proven that the sound of water causes us to relax and that our stress levels decrease considerably.

In addition, feeding these animals also helps us feel relaxed.


Cow milk

Although it is not confirmed, cattle can have positive effects on our mood.

Living with these types of animals makes us do activities that lower our stress levels and reassure us. Feeding them and taking care of them is equally useful in this regard.

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