What is a Siamese cat and what is its specification

What is a Siamese cat and what is its specification

What is a Siamese cat and what is its specification

Siamese cat Origin-The Siamese cat is, along with the Persian, one of the oldest and best-known cat breeds. Its origin is in Southeast Asia, specifically in Siam, which today belongs to Thailand. There, the Siamese was revered as a temple cat. Towards the end of the 19th century, the first specimens arrived in England, where the breeding of this breed began. In 1892 the first standard for Siamese cats was already established, but the breed was only recognized in 1949 by the International Feline Federation (FIFe).

Siamese cat Appearance

Siamese cats are medium in size, have a slender body, long legs and small oval legs. When they reach adulthood, females weigh between 3 and 4 kg and males, between 4 and 5 kg. Its triangular head is lengthened by erect, pointed and broad-based ears. The almond-shaped eyes deep blue and slightly oblique are typical of this breed. On the other hand, the tail is very long and narrow at the base, although it is tuned further towards the tip.

Siamese is partly albino, which means they produce a small amount of the melanin pigment. It is thanks to this that they acquire their color variation, the seal-point. This pattern is responsible for a genetic black coloration in the extremities, which turns dark brown due to the “cs” gene of the Siamese. The coloring of the dark areas does not happen immediately, but only a few weeks after birth. The rest of the hair is white or cream tones. This breed has a very short coat, fine, shiny, silky and attached to the body and, in addition, it barely has a lower mantle.

Siamese cat Character

What is a Siamese cat and what is its specification
What is a Siamese cat and what is its specification

It is sometimes jokingly said that Siamese dogs are among cats. The comment derives from the fact that this breed is very attached and is allowed to train by humans to a certain level. However, these cats only learn how much they want, and they will not hesitate to get their nails out of anyone who tries to teach them something violently.

His intelligence and kindness make him the perfect cat for a family. The Siamese are very social sorts and with a high need for participation. In addition, they communicate a lot and own a strong voice. If something does not go with them, they will say so loudly, which is why they are considered especially assertive.

However, Siamese cats love to be accompanied by people and greatly appreciate the pampering of their owners. If they are left alone for too long, boredom will soon take over these cunning felines. In the event that your pussy cannot leave home, you must offer enough options to entertain yourself, such as intelligence toys.

Siamese people are very friendly and can live as a couple without problems. They are able to entertain each other for hours and clean their fur mutually. They are also suitable cats to take a walk with a leash, as long as they have become accustomed to this accessory and have been practiced sometimes at home before the first departure.

With proper care, Siamese cats can live at least 14 years.

Siamese cat
Siamese cat

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Thanks to their short fur, Siamese do not require complicated care. It is enough to brush your hair from time to time to remove loose hairs. Because its lower layer of hair is virtually non-existent, cold and wet places are not your favorite. Therefore, make sure your home’s temperature is not too low.

If your Siamese cat returns wet from its walk outside, you need to dry it well. These little cats love the heat, so they are very likely to look for a small hole in the radiator or in other warm places in the house. Without a doubt, your Siamese will love having a thermal blanket at your disposal. Also, avoid exposing it to air currents.

As we have already mentioned, Siamese cats are very sociable and affectionate, so it makes sense that they live with others of their kind. Having two Siamese people has the advantage that they enjoy cleaning each other, so our work with them is even less. Since they also enjoy the company of people, they need to be given enough time to play with them and pamper them.

So that your cat can vent properly, you have to put some scraper furniture around your house. The need for a scraper with several levels is understood since the minions love the elevated sites.

Also, if possible, you should let them out of the house so that they move and entertain themselves sufficiently. Alternatively, you can secure your balcony with a cat net. We have also mentioned since this breed likes to go for a walk with a leash or harness. If you want the rides with your Siamese to be as pleasant as possible, you should get used to the belt as soon as you can and practice at home before leaving for the first time so that it does not take unpleasant surprises.

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With regard to the feeding of the Siamese, it can be said that these are not very demanding. For the day today, the feed and the high-quality wet food with a high meat content are ideal. There are also foods created especially for Siamese cats, such as Royal Canin Siamese Adult. It is important that the prepared food you offer to your pussy does not contain preservatives, flavor enhancers or other similar additives.

As for the right amount of food for Siamese cats, it is not possible to set standards. There are many factors that influence the feeding of


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