How long does it take a kitten to become a cat?

How long does it take a kitten to become a cat?

How long does it take a kitten to become a cat?

kitten After a year, your kitten will have become an adult cat. In this stage of young adult, he will be playful and will be completely socialized, healthy, with a bright coat, a skeleton and strong muscles, and excellent hunting reflexes.

Understanding the process by which your kitten becomes an adult cat means that you can provide adequate support according to their nutritional needs, behavior and family life. If you have any doubt that your kitten is not progressing in the right way, consult your veterinarian.

You can find him walking down the street and how to care for a baby kitten?

You have never had a cat or the one you have at home already knew how to eat alone and use your sandbox. It is so small and seems so fragile that you do not even know how to catch it. One thing is clear: it seems that he has been lost, the mother has left or something has happened to him and you know that if you continue walking you will have been condemned to die without having just learned to walk.

And then you take it and wonder how to care for a baby kitten?

How long does it take a kitten to become a cat?
How long does it take a kitten to become a cat?

How to care for a baby kitten

Caring for a newborn cat that does not reach three weeks of life is a fascinating challenge while challenging and wanting to do the best for the kitten, but without knowing how, we can fall into mistakes that can be fatal for him animal. We tell you the seven steps you must follow to take care of a baby cat.

  1. HOW TO CATCH THE kitten

7 steps to care for a baby kitten- cat blog The kitten has been on the street and you don’t know if he is a carrier of any disease. Wash your hands before and after taking it and do it very gently. During the first weeks and if you have other animals at home, try to sleep separately and not share food and litter box.

  1. THE kitten MUST STAY WARM

Cats less than two weeks old are not able to regulate their body temperature so you will have to keep them warm. You can use a thermal pillow or a hot water bottle but never leave the cat alone with the pad.

While they are with their mother, they keep warm by curling up next to her. To find out if you are cold, check your pads and make sure they are warm. You may cry if you are cold.

  1. HOW TO FEED THE BABY kitten

7 steps to care for a baby kitten- cat blog Never give milk. Buy special substitute milk powder for cats. If it is late and you have nowhere to go to buy it, boil some water, let it cool and give it to the kitten with the help of a syringe. In this way, it will stay hydrated.

From here, you will have to get a bottle. Baby kittens eat like babies. You should give the milk powder with the bibe and you will have to try on your arm that it is not too hot. It is very important that the milk is at a temperature of about 37 degrees.

When you give the bottle do not hold it as if it were a baby, try to maintain the position you would take if you were with your mother. The kitten will adjust the nipple in its mouth and when finished do not forget to make it burp.

During the first two weeks of life, baby kittens eat every two to three hours, after two weeks they can be spaced at three or four hours.


Another of the main tasks that you will have to do will be to cause him to pee and poop. Cats so small do not know how to do it and it is the mother who is responsible for stimulating them. Wet a cotton ball with warm water and rub your anal area until you need it.


Find a place for the kitten to sleep and be comfortable and quiet in a room that is warm. You can use a box and place a towel.

  1. HOW TO CLEAN A BABY kitten

    How long does it take a kitten to become a cat?
    How long does it take a kitten to become a cat?

You will only need a cloth soaked in warm water to clean the baby cat. Run the cloth through its fur and pass another cloth again, this time dry.


Try to take the kitten to the vet as soon as possible. The specialist can check it and see if it has any parasites and can check the health of the animal.

Blog about cats If you also want to take care of a small cat from a baby to an older child, I show you Gigi, Kuru, and Coco that dream of having a family. If you have felt a crush on seeing them, they are in Proyecto CES Zaragoza waiting for you.

If how to take care of a baby kitten has left you exhausted just by reading it you can adopt an adult cat. Many wait years for someone to notice them, they look for a deserved and second chance. Adult cats need you too.

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