What is pug? Pug typesmicro teacup pugs for sale

What is pug? Pug typesmicro teacup pugs for sale

What is pug? Pug typesmicro teacup pugs for sale

Pug-The colors of the Pug are usually very striking. The Doguillo can be silver or apricot (standard accepted varieties of lioness), white or albino, with a black stripe that runs from the head to the tail. It can also be totally black or brindle (brindle). Below we show you a complete list of the different Pug dogs :

  • Albino Pug
  • Albino Pug
  • Pug griffon, brindle or brindle
  • Pug griffon, brindle or brindle
  • White pug
  • White pug
  • Pug silver-gray or bluish
  • Pug silver-gray or bluish
  • Apricot Pug
  • Apricot Pug
  • Black pug
  • Black pug

Is pug good pets? Original and description


Pug is one dog that has more categories: pug, Carlino, dojo, or mops. The origin of these cute pets was in China and later spread in the UK, where it got the name Pugg, which means “a fun little friend.” At its origin, this dog breed was considered a luxury and characteristic of the aristocracy.

Medieval Pug

Aristocratic clay.

Carlino is Molly’s dog. This group belongs to those of the strong constitution, the big head, muscle muscles, strong jaws, and short bowl. Because of these characteristics, a guard dog is considered excellent despite its small size, although today it is reared as a companion dog.

Is the pug aggressive? Physical characteristics

The length of Dogello is between 30 cm and 40 cm. Its weight ranges between 6.3 kg and 10 kg, and the fur is dense and short. His head is large for his body and is characterized by a dark mask on the face and wrinkles throughout the body.

As for his mouth, he has a flat snout and the ideal is that he is straight and the teeth remain hidden. His eyes are large and bulging, and his color can vary between light and dark.

The dog’s ears can be of 2 types: “button ear”, which folds back, or “pink ear” that folds forward. The button-type ear is the most normalized and preferred among Pug dog owners.

Is pug good pets? Pug Behavior

It is sociable and is not intimidated against larger breeds, so we must monitor it and take precautions in case it intersects with another pet of these characteristics.

Despite this, the Doguillo only brings out his strong character to strangers, which he barks continuously. This behavior should not worry about us since it is very common.

Even so, the Carlino is playful and gentle with his owners on most occasions, making it an ideal dog for children. It is not usual to move away from their owners, but not to obey an order, so they only return when they want and not when they call.

This animal is lively and active in its first years of life, but over time they become homey and prefer the comfort of a sofa rather than going outside for a walk.

In turn, the Pug is intelligent, not very aggressive and delicate. This makes them one of the ideal companion animals.

pug Care


The miniature Pug is a delicate dog that requires many special cares given its conditions. Applying an appropriate treatment is essential to guarantee a good quality of life.

How to bathe it pug?

Wrinkles of your face can accumulate dirt and be a forum of infections, so we will take the following measures to avoid it:

The first thing we should do is boil a bowl of water or tea.

Once boiled, let it cool until it reaches a warm temperature.

When it is cold, we will moisten some cotton and clean with it your wrinkles and eyes.

With dry cotton, we will review your wrinkles again to avoid irritations and infections.

We must perform this care at least once a week

It is also necessary to brush twice a week as well as clean

your ears to ensure optimal hygiene in all aspects.

What do they eat pug?

Most owners opt for natural or homemade foods instead of traditional feed to prevent overweight and obesity.

Our pet’s diet should not contain too much fat, so watch the calories and take it to the vet often to keep track of your health.

It also includes fruits and vegetables, as well as croquettes that complement your diet with the necessary fiber and minerals.

Croquettes for Carlinos

Croquettes must be rich in protein, that is, they contain meat or chicken. Look closely at the label, as it is usual to contain waste that does not interest us. We must nourish our dog with quality proteins.

Avoid canned food and dyes and flavorings that give our Pug food an unreal aspect of animal protein.

In addition, there are some brands that make food for specialized Pugs. Find out about them and do not skimp on expenses if you want your Mops to be in perfect condition.

pug Diseases

Due to its anatomy it is prone to different diseases. It is one of the races with more health problems among the existing ones.

Why is the Pug panting?

One of the most common diseases of Pug is dyspnea, which is difficulty breathing. This disorder causes a feeling of discomfort.

Why does my Pug have red eyes?

If your dog has red eyes it can be due to several reasons. Probably a corneal injury is treated by constant irritation. In that case, it is best to take it to your veterinarian.

Why does my Pug get fat?

Due to their small size, they are prone to overweight and obesity.

Why does my Pug pretend to drown?

Doguillos have little heat tolerance due to their delicate respiratory system.

Why does my Pug get attacks?

Having a narrow trachea presents heart problems.

character. Why do the Pug have the tail curled up?

The Carlino’s have a coiled tail due to a genetic failure in a vertebra. In some cases, this can cause spina bifida.

Our recommendations to prevent diseases are as follows:

  • Take him for a walk 40 minutes a day.
  • Take care of your diet to avoid being overweight.
  • Keep it with the family or litter to maintain its stable

How to educate him?

Training is not as complex as many people believe. Although it is a very independent dog, we can train it like any type of dog through positive reinforcement. This means that we will reward our Pug every time he performs a good deed.

One of the most frequently asked questions of our readers is how to make our dog feel. Try bringing a piece of food to your chest. Instinctively, our little one will sit down so he can take the prize to his mouth. Accompany this gesture with the word sit. Say it clearly and firmly. Do this training for 3 days and you will see how your Pug will end up sitting every time you say the word or bring your hand to your chest.

If, on the other hand, you want your Doguillo to give you the leg, first-order him to feel. Get his attention with a small piece of food and grab his leg before giving him the prize. Accompany the gesture with the word “the leg” or “give me five.” Over time, the Pug will automatically kick you and, instead of rewarding you with food, you will reinforce it with caresses or cuddles.

Where to buy a Pug?

We do not recommend buying a Carlino dog in a common store. These puppies come from dog farms where sanitary conditions leave much to be desired. In addition, these puppies are separated from their mother at birth, which causes future behavioral and health problems.

We recommend that you buy your Carlino from a professional breeder who is licensed for it. In this way, you make sure you comply with the law and you will have the guarantee that you have passed all the necessary revisions for the exercise of the sale of Pug puppies.

Pug dog price

You are probably wondering how much a Pug dog costs.

  • In Spain: the price is between € 300 and € 750. If the price falls below € 500, you should suspect the legality of the transaction, although it may be due to many different reasons. Normally, the price of a professional breeder does not fall below € 500.
  • In Mexico: around the DF there are very good breeders of Pug dogs. The price varies between $ 6000 and $ 10,000.
  • In Colombia: the best options are found around Bogotá. The price ranges between $ 500,000 and $ 10,000,000.
  • In Argentina: in this country there are few professionals specialized in the breeding of Pug, which makes the price quite high: between $ 7,000 and $ 9,000. Due to the limited offer, your purchase is very bureaucratic, so there are long waits to get this breed of dog.
  • In the United States: between $ 1000 and $ 5000.

Pug puppy

These dogs usually have between 2 and 6 puppies of the same litter, although it depends on whether it is their first time.

For your care, we recommend that you keep them very active until 18 or 24 months of age. Take it to the vet to give you the relevant vaccinations and take care that your little house is not too wet or too airy.

Our advice for the correct development of this dog breed:

Due to their short limbs, it is important to develop them at an early age to avoid future problems. Make him run often and release accumulated stress.

If the adult Pug is a little obedient and very stubborn dog, the puppy is even more so. Avoid losing sight of it as it could easily escape.

Watch that your behavior is stable. Like any child, if you notice that his behavior is not usual, he is likely to suffer from some type of pain or illness. Take it to the vet immediately if you notice any strange symptoms.

How long does a Pug live?

The life expectancy is 12 to 15 years under optimal health conditions, although it is usual that, due to his propensity to diseases, he does not live more than 8 years.

To prolong your life, it is vital to apply all the care advice we have mentioned above.

Famous Carlinos: Men in Black’s Dog

One of the most famous in the world is «Mushu» better known as «Frank» for his role in the movie «Men in Black».

Mushu embodies an alien who lives in the body of a dog so as not to be recognized. His hoarse voice and his way of speaking tore out-loud laughter to the public, turning the dog into a celebrity.

As a curiosity, Mushu participated in the first 2 installments of the film, although in the second he already had 12 years and had to put on makeup so that he did not notice gray hair.


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